Most automobile insurance in BC is insured through ICBC, however, you could purchase an annual private insurance policy for any physical damage to the bike (Collision and Comprehensive).  Short-term policies (less than 1 year) are not available through our private insurer.  Please note that automobile liability insurance is NOT offered under this policy and must still be purchased from ICBC.

To obtain a quote from our private motorcycle insurer, please complete the online questionnaire below and allow 2-3 business days for a reply, or download a PDF copy of the application here: Motorcycle Application

Please note: the information that you provide in this questionnaire will be used to determine your premiums and eligibility for insurance, and you are responsible for the accuracy of the answers you provide.  If you falsely describe or fraudulently omit any fact that is material to the insurance company in order for it to be able to judge the risk, your insurance policy may be void.  Please ensure that you fully understand the answers that you are providing when completing this questionnaire; if you are unsure of some of these details, we strongly recommend that you obtain  professional advice.  You are welcome to contact our office with any questions you have about this questionnaire.

Did you take a Riders Training Course:
Any Traffic Violations in the past 5 years:
Any Driver's License Suspensions/Cancellations in the past 5 years:
Has insurance ever been cancelled/declined:
Any motor vehicle OR motorcycle claims in last 5 years:
Is the bike ever driven to work:
Do you belong to any Riders Associations or Clubs:
Modified or Customized:
Security code:

Please note, email is not a secure method of transmitting sensitive personal information and by using this service you accept this risk. If you are concerned, you may use an alternative method.