As an ICBC Agent, we provide ICBC Autoplan insurance for BC vehicles.  Our office does not provide private optional auto insurance (other than ICBC), except for physical damage coverage on motorcycles and RV's (holiday trailers and campers).  

When purchasing Automobile Insurance, your rate will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Who drives your vehicle (each individual driver has a driver factor number based on their driving experience and claims history);
  • How your vehicle is used (e.g. pleasure only/no commuting, commuting to work, used for work-related errands, or delivery/commercial use);
  • Where your vehicle is primarily driven; and 
  • The type of car you drive (if you purchase physical damage insurance for your own car, such as Collision & Comprehensive).

Because pricing is based on personal factors and requires the use of the ICBC database, we ask that you please contact our office directly so that we can provide you with a quote. Please make sure that you have the BC driver's license number and date of birth for all of your drivers readily available.  ICBC's pricing is identical for all ICBC agents across the province, and will NOT vary from broker to broker.


**We do NOT offer any ICBC Driver Licensing services**
Our local Driver's License Office is The Co-operators (formerly Westview Agencies) at 4871 Joyce Ave (Crossroads Villiage, near Quality Foods).