If you would like a quote for Condo Unit Owner's Insurance (including owner-occupied condos, secondary residences, or rental condo units), please fill in your answers to our online questionnaire below.  Please allow 2-3 business days for a reply.  Alternatively, you can find PDF versions of our questionnaires in our downloadable forms.

Please note: the information that you provide in this questionnaire will be used to determine your premiums and eligibility for insurance, and you are responsible for the accuracy of the answers you provide.  If you falsely describe or fraudulently omit any fact that is material to the insurance company in order for it to be able to judge the risk, your insurance policy may be void.  Please ensure that you fully understand the answers that you are providing when completing this questionnaire; if you are unsure of some of these details, we strongly recommend that you obtain  professional advice.  You are welcome to contact our office with any questions you have about this questionnaire.

Have you ever had habitational insurance before?:
Have you had any personal property claims in the last 6 years:
Have you ever been cancelled, declined, or refused renewal of habitational insurance:
Will your unit be vacant for any period of time (nobody living in it):
Are there any deficiencies to the condition of the property:
Would you like to apply for an additional discount by consenting to a soft credit check:
Do you have a professionally installed 24-hour monitored alarm system?:
*Alarm certificate from monitoring company may be required*
Is the building sprinklered for Fire Protection:
Is your primary heat thermostatically controlled:
Are all heating appliances certified:
Are there any oil tanks on the property (in use or decommissioned):
please keep in mind that the limit you choose for your contents should reflect what it would cost you to replace all of your belongings with brand new items of similar quality at their full cost today (including taxes).
this is for any improvements made to the unit (by you or a previous owner) since the original construction by the owner-builder.
There are typically different deductibles for various perils, such as All Risks, Water Damage, Sewer Backup, Flood, etc.
Your Strata may have to provide you with this amount, as it is typically calculated based on the unit entitlement of your unit compared to the total shares of all strata lots, any contingency reserve funds that may be applied, and the current building limit on the strata's insurance policy, as the earthquake deductible is typically expressed as a percentage of the building limit
some people have items such as jewellery, fine arts, sports equipment, or other items of higher value that they require additional insurance or increased limits for. Please notify us if you have any items that are of particular interest or value to you. If so, please state each item and its value here.
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